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"Where design meets engineering", our slogan is nowhere more applicable, as with our lighting series. A selection of the most special and top quality products, where only the best is good enough. The entire process, from idea to finished product remains in-house. This allows us to produce a product fast, inexpensive and completely as we want it. By combining light bulbs with other products, such as our chalkboards, the most creative products are developed, which gives us a unique position in the market.


Not your typical lightbulb supplier

Lighting is not only essential, it’s also an extension of your interior. Thanks to our endless possibilities, every lamp will be unique and not one will ever look the same. Choose the right cable to define the personality of your lamp. Choose a dark solid colour for a subtle radiance, of pick a bright one for a striking look. Eurompex supplies a wide range of ceiling roses, lampholders and cables which come in different colours and finishes. LED lighting is available in different shapes and sizes. All of our LED lights are dimmable, which gives you the opportunity to create a unique atmosphere. The old light bulbs are being replaced by the LED versions, which are lot more environment friendly.

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